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Thoughtful Thursday & Values

Have you ever really considered what your values are? Author, Tanya Dalton, teaches that you want to create a core set of values that speak to your passions. That inspire you. That guide you. That help drive the decisions you make. Not just the large decisions but the seemingly insignificant ones you make every single day. I didn't know what my personal core values were for a long time. I had a general idea but I hadn't taken the time to really discover them or get clear on what they were. Writing them down wasn't something I had really even considered. When our values are vague and ambiguous, it is hard to live by them. It is easy to get out of alignment with ourselves and make decisions that don't help us be the person we want to be.  You may find yourself saying "yes" to things that don't support your values or the life you want to create. You may have missed out on opportunities that would have aligned with what you want in life but you weren't loo

Thoughtful Thursday & Remembering

This year, I have been implementing Christian meditation into my mindfulness practice. Taking time to quiet my mind . Detaching from the world. And attaching to God. This week, in my guided practice, I was asked to picture myself as a little baby. Made of love and light. Perfectly lovable. Remembering that I am a spiritual being having an earthly experience. A child of Heavenly Parents. Remembering, there is nothing I can do that will diminish the worth they have for me. Then, I was asked to picture myself as a woman. Strong. Confident. Compassionate. Faithful. I was reminded that this is how my Heavenly Parents see me. At times, I have forgotten that I am that perfect child or strong confident woman. But in this moment, light filled my soul as I felt the morning sun on my face. Reminding me of who I am.  Feeling the love that already exists for me as Their daughter. Now, I invite you to pause. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. Feel the light and love. Remember who you really a

Thoughtful Thursday & Emotional Ownership

Earlier this year, I did a writing exercise. I began by writing down my favorite emotion.   Including the last time I felt it and the frequency. Next, I wrote down my least favorite emotion. Again, including the last time I felt it and the frequency. To my surprise, I was feeling my  least favorite  emotion  every single day . I was also feeling my favorite emotion only a  few times a week . I hadn't even realized this was happening. Picture a platter full of negative and positive emotions. I could have chosen any emotion that I wanted and I was choosing my least favorite one again and again.  Since then, I have taken responsibility for my feelings. I am the creator of all  them. It begins with my thinking. Understanding this has allowed me to intentionally decide how I want to feel and who I want to be. Intentional has been my word for the year 2021. This doesn't mean that sometimes you won't want to feel a negative emotion. Like sadness, grief, or a disappointment. It

Thoughtful Thursday & Coaching

I still remember the day I really found life coaching. Hearing of it years before, I believed that it was about just thinking positive. I am naturally a pretty happy person so it didn't really interest me. However, at this point in my life, I felt at the mercy to everything outside of myself. It seemed as if life was happening to me. I questioned my purpose and value. I spent time crying and wishing things were different. That day, sitting in my office, I came across a facebook ad.  Which then led me to a podcast. The seed was planted. I had to learn more. And that is what I have been doing ever since. Learning about my relationships -- with myself, God, and others. Understanding, on a deeper level, the love God has for all human beings. Becoming aware of my thinking and how it creates the life experience I am having.  Embracing curiosity on the way to compassion and understanding.  Facing my fears and having the courage to try regardless of the outcome. Allowing myself to feel all