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Thoughtful Thursday & Finding Hearts

  Most of us have all heard of the idea that what you focus on expands.  The human brain is so efficient that it is filtering massive amounts of information constantly coming at it.  There is no way it can process it all.  Your brain has learned over time what is important to you and what it can safely discard.  Imagine you have decided to buy a new car.  A white Subaru Assent.  Guess what? It is now top of mind and you will see that model of car everywhere.  However, sometimes the information we have trained our brain to look for doesn’t serve us at all.  Focusing on thoughts like: ”I do everything wrong.” “Life isn’t fair.” ”I am not enough.” ”Things never go right for me.” With thoughts like these, our brain is focused on finding evidence to prove these thoughts are true because our brain has decided this important to us.  Is that where you want your focus?  Is there information or opportunities you have been missing out on because your current filter isn’t looking for them? Did you

Thoughtful Thursday & 7 day Challenge

  The 7 Day Gratitude Challenge begins today!  Gratitude feels "good"  to us because we experience a surge of dopamine in our brain. Dopamine is a chemical naturally created in our body. This neurotransmitter sends a signal from our body to our brain and is responsible for our feeling pleasure, motivation and satisfaction. A daily practice of intentional gratitude strengthens these neural pathways and reinforces an attitude of gratitude. A rush of dopamine feels great but there is even more to the power being grateful. Here are 7 benefits to gratitude to help inspire you as we begin our week of intentional practice of gratitude. One: Gratitude and showing appreciation strengthens and invites more relationships into our lives.  Two: Gratitude improves physical health such as reducing cardiac diseases, inflammations, and neurodegeneration while encouraging better self-care. Three: Gratitude improves psychological health by reducing frustration, envy, resentment, and regret whil

Thoughtful Thursday & Gratitude

November is the month of gratitude.  "Gratitude" is an interesting word. If you are familiar with what I teach, you know that: Our circumstances trigger our thoughts. Our thoughts create our feelings. Our feelings are the fuel for our actions. And, our actions create our life experience. This brings me back to the word "gratitude." Where does it fit in this model? Is it a thought? Is it a feeling? Is it an action? Or, is it the result? I believe it is all of the above. When I recognize and gratefully acknowledge what I have, those around me and who I am, This creates a feeling of gratitude within me which fuels how I show up in my life. Inspired to express my gratitude  by word and/or deed  to others, myself and God. Creating a life of being grateful.  A life that is done in gratitude. A life that is viewed with the lens of gratitude. I invite you to write down 3 things in your life that you are grateful for. Acknowledge them. Why are you grateful for them? Allow yo