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Thoughtful Thursday & Perspective

  This week I was on an airplane and for about 10 minutes of the flight we had the opportunity to see the Grand Canyon from the air.  . Breathtaking. . A few years ago, I had the opportunity to hike from the north rim to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. . It was an awesome experience but one of the hardest things I have done physically. . Especially the last 6 miles. . The trail going up the mountain was steep and switchbacked. . There were times I wondered if I was going to make it to the end.  . As I was looking out the window of the plane remembering what it was like in the bottom of the canyon, it got me thinking about perspective.  . You know that thing that you have been thinking and worrying about? . That problem you are facing. . That mountain that you are in the middle of climbing. . Imagine viewing that problem from another vantage point. .  Does viewing it from a distance feel a little less overwhelming?  .   What about viewing it from an even higher perspective? .  An ete

Thoughtful Thursday & Your Story

Have you ever really considered the story you tell about yourself? Your life? Do you go to your past to find the answers? Your accomplishments? Your family? Trying to find evidence of who you are by how other people think about you. By what you have accomplished. But that doesn’t define you. You are only defined by how you think about yourself. We are so convinced of who we think we are, we don’t realize that we can change who we are by what we think about who we are. The good news is we get to decide how to define ourselves. I invite you to consider writing a new story.  This has a new title and a new hero journey that is you that you want to be. There aren’t limits to who you want to be. You don’t have to consider anyone else’s opinion or what they think of you. You don’t have to consider your past or your abilities now. You get to pick your new story based simply on desired true possibility. Take your time. Include as many details as you can.   Enjoy this process. Here are some ques