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Thoughtful Thursday & Enjoying Being You

Do you enjoy being you?  Have you ever taken the time to really get to know yourself? What if you were to pause and strip away all the distractions in your life and just be alone with yourself? It may seems scary at first. The ugly thoughts about yourself may be revealed. I would invite to consider 5  things as you begin to get curious about your relationship with you. First , everyone questions their value.  At one time or another, we find ourself believing the false idea that other people are better than others. We need to remember that we are all different and that there is no hierarchy. We are all valuable and worthy. Second, we need to remember to celebrate our wins and forgive our mistakes.  Our brains give so much weight to the negative. Remember, it isn't about perfection. It is about practice. It is about learning, growing and becoming. We will always need the Atonement of Jesus Christ. And, we will get more leverage by being curious of our shortcomings than critical. App

Thoughtful Thursday & Discomfort is the Price of Growth

  In order to grow and improve we have to be willing to feel uncomfortable. Growth stretches us and pushes beyond where we are now.  It allows us to become. Become more of the person we want to be. The next best version of ourselves. It has been said, "Discomfort is the currency to our dreams." As we become more open to experiencing discomfort, we have a greater chance of accomplishing our dreams and goals.  It requires commitment. Commitment to do and feel whatever is necessary. It requires courage. Courage feels terrible. It's uncomfortable.  But if the goal is worth reaching, We are willing to feel uncomfortable. This courage leads us to develop skills and increase our capability. This creates confidence in our abilities. Dan Sullivan calls these the 4 Cs. Commitment. Courage. Capability. Confidence.  Recently, I committed to a new weight loss journey. I have been using a thought to help me manage the discomfort. "I will either be uncomfortable now or later. Which

Thoughtful Thursday & I Don't Know

  I would invite you to consider the phrase "I don't know." Have you ever wanted to try something that you have never done before? Have you ever had a decision to make and you were conflicted? Have you had a difficult conversation coming up with someone in your life? Have you wondered how to stay motivated in your weight loss journey? Then that thought comes into your mind. "I don't know." It seems harmless. But it is actually a very poisonous thought. It stops your higher brain from thinking about that conversation. That decision. That solution. Instead we eat a snack. We stay busy cleaning. We watch Netflix. We scroll social media. Our brains want to conserve energy and delegate as much as it can to the lower brain. Using our lower brains allows us to just go through the motions without much thought or struggle. "I don't know" also is used by our brain to protect us from rejection. People may reject us and that is scary for our brain. But her