Thoughtful Thursday & Is It a Problem?


Do you find yourself not being able to move forward in the goal that you have set for yourself this year?

Or are you taking two steps toward your goal and then 3 steps back?

Are you feeling like you will never be able to form your new habit or achieve your weight loss goal?

I used to believe this myself.

I would get discouraged and think that I was doing it all wrong.

That I would never get there and that something was wrong with me and that I might as well give up.

I see it in the people I coach too.

The idea of all or nothing.

Having to do it perfectly or else it isn't worth doing.

But what if I told you that this isn't true?

What if the goal is not the goal?

What if the failures and falls are not a problem at all but part of the process?

Think of what you could create in your life if you truly believed that it is all part of:

The process of becoming more of who you want to be.

The process of connecting with yourself and others.

The process of reaching for your dreams.

The process of creating more of life you want.

I promise you aren't doing it wrong.

Let that go and be open to the process.

Give it a try!


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