Thoughtful Thursday & The Pause Principle

The holidays are here.

And with that comes many opportunities to feel all kinds of emotions.

What are some of the emotions you are currently experiencing?





Our emotions can seem more intense with all that is going on during this time of year. 

Are you ready to create a more intentional emotional experience this holiday season?

If so, I want to teach you the Pause Principle.

There are three parts to the Pause Principle.

The first part is pause to process.

This begins by acknowledge what emotion you are currently feeling.

Naming it and relaxing into it.

Taking a deep breath and allowing the emotion to move through you.

It is totally ok that you are feeling whatever you are feeling.

Nothing is wrong with you.

Your brain is actually working as it was designed.

Your emotion is caused by sentences in your brain.

Stories you are telling yourself.

Allow the emotion without reacting, resisting or avoiding it.

This helps you to not unnecessarily layer on more negative emotion.

Just let it be.

As you do this, you will notice that within a couple of minutes the intensity of the feeling will begin to ease.

It may not disappear right away but it will soften and eventually dissipate.

The second part in the Pause Principle is pause to ponder.

What do you want to create right now in this holiday season?

In your relationships with yourself and others?

In your experiences?

What are the things that are most important and meaningful to you?

As you consider the answers to these questions, pay attention to the emotions that come up for you.

Is it peace?




Pausing to ponder creates space for you to reconnect with yourself, discover what you really want, and how you want to feel.

It helps you set your intention.

The final part to the Pause Principle is pause to protect.

What are the parameters you need to set for yourself in order to achieve your intention?

How can you take care of you, your time and energy this holiday season?

What are your priorities?

What do you want to say yes to?

What do you need or want to say no to?

Pausing to protect creates space for you to create and enjoy quality experiences over quantity experiences.

Implementing The Pause Principle will help you take responsibility for all of your emotions and empower you to live a more intentional life.

Give it a try!


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