Thoughtful Thursday & Gifts


It is almost Christmas! 

Are your presents all wrapped and underneath the tree?

Or are they shoved in the corner of your bedroom covered with a blanket hiding until you can wrap them on Christmas Eve?

No matter when you get your presents wrapped, I think we have all spent time trying to find perfect gifts for those we love.

Our kids.

Our spouse.

Our in-laws.

Our friend.

Our neighbors.

We want to show the people in our lives how much they mean to us.

But I think there may be someone you have overlooked on your gift-giving list for many years.

No, it isn't your great-aunt or nephew.

It is YOU.

I invite you to consider what gift could you give yourself as you move into 2022.

I am not talking about buying something for yourself at the store (even though I am all for that).

What I have in mind doesn't cost you anything.

I invite you to consider giving yourself a gift of self-compassion, love, grace, kindness, honesty, commitment, or understanding this year.

What would your year look like if you showed yourself more compassion?  

Who would you become?

Would it affect how you treat others?

Is there something you might be more likely to try knowing that you would be kinder to yourself as you learn and grow in the process?

What would your year look like if you were honest with yourself?

How would this help you create space in your life for what really matters to you?

What could you accomplish this year knowing that you are committed and willing to feel uncomfortable in order to become more of who you what to be?

This year, I am giving myself the gift of love.

Loving my humanness.

Loving my miraculous body.

Loving my talents and abilities.

I used to believe that I needed to be tough on myself in order to get better or to be enough but I was wrong.

We can never hate ourselves enough.

Berate ourselves enough.

Or beat ourselves up enough to change.

The truth is, our worth or value isn't determined by anything we do or accomplish.

But when we show ourselves more love, compassion, grace, kindness, honesty, commitment and understanding, we open ourselves up to enjoying the process of growth.

Give it a try!


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