Thoughtful Thursday & Creation or Control


Are you controlling or creating?

When we spend our time trying to control the things outside of us, such as other people's opinions, their emotions or behaviors we limit the time we can spend creating.

Creating things of beauty to share with the world.

Creating opportunities to learn, grow, and serve.

Creating stronger relationships and connection.

Creating the life we want.

A life full of love, compassion and joy. 

I believe we were created by God, the ultimate Creator.

That means creation is in our DNA!

Our divine nature is that of creator not controller.

As you approach the end of this year, I invite you to consider the following questions.

Do you believe you are a creator?

What would be different in your life if you believed this was true?

How can creation be an expression of gratitude for the gifts, talents and abilities you have been given?

Is there an area in your life where you can invite more creative expression?

What would like to create in 2022?

You are a creator!

Give it a try!


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